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Max Stadtfeld was born 1993 in Konstanz, southern Germany. He grew up in a city nearby: Radolfzell, more specific: Liggeringen. Playing in local brass bands and classical percussion he finally arrived at the jazz drumset.

He got drum lessons from the age of 14 at the "Zürcher Hochschule der Künste". Afterwards he started his studies at HMT Leipzig with Heinrich Köbberling, Michael Wollny and Johannes Lauer. Max finishied his studies in 2018. Since then he is freelancing and teaching. In 2019 he opened the "Bauhaus festival" with Michael Wollny's "Bau.Haus.Klang project. Later that year his debut album "Stax" was released on ACT Music.


Fotos: Robert Strehler und Janning Trumann